Stoller USA's Bio-Forge receives Green Excellence Award

Source: StollerUSA news release

StollerUSA's Bio-Forge has been awarded the Frost & Sullivan, North America Agricultural Sciences Green Excellence of the Year Award. The Frost & Sullivan award is presented annually to the company that demonstrates excellence in product advancement and technologies within their industry.

"We are honored that Frost & Sullivan has acknowledged and awarded Bio-Forge," said Jerry Stoller, president of StollerUSA. "Bio-Forge is one of many products in our Crop Health Therapy line that is having great success with repairing damaged plants and crops throughout the country. As the environment and economy becomes less stable, Bio-Forge will become key to maintaining crop growth and lowering costs."

StollerUSA's Bio-Forge is an antioxidant with growth-enhancing co-factors that works with the plant's natural ability to overcome toxins and increase resistance to insects and diseases. It is a groundbreaking technology that has been proven through university studies to significantly increase the yields of food, feed and biofuel producing crops by helping plants overcome stresses and return to normal activity. Bio-Forge makes crops and plants stronger and better able to live through a number of stressful conditions including weather extremes, poor soil, high plant populations, disease, insect damage and herbicide drift.

Frost & Sullivan undergoes a strict and thorough analysis of the companies chosen to receive the Green Excellence Award. First, a pool of products is extensively researched and then the products are compared against particular criteria.

The background research for the products consists of a team of analysts who track new product launches, product spending, development and features. The information is collected in detailed interviews, meticulous secondary research and technology research. Lastly, all products are then compared by their level of innovation and customer satisfaction.

After the products have been researched they are measured against five specific criteria. The criteria range from the significance of the product to the value added services the product provides. The product that meets one or more of the criteria is awarded.

"Bio-Forge has proven it has a sustainable competitive advantage," said Miriam Nagel, research analysts at Frost & Sullivan. "Crop yields can be increased and also can be made more secure with Bio-Forge in spite of extremes of climate that are occurring with Global Warming issues."

StollerUSA's Bio-Forge also has been declared a winner in numerous university studies. While various crops benefit from Bio-Forge, the University of Illinois found a 6.8-bushel-per-acre yield increase in soybeans in one test field where Bio-Forge was sprayed. When applied with drip irrigation, a Texas A&M plot showed an increase of 27.3 bushels per acre. A corn test conducted by North Carolina State University showed a 32-bushel-per-acre yield increase when Bio-Forge was applied. And for cotton growers, a University of Arkansas test revealed an increase of 233 pounds of lint per acre with a sprayed application of Bio-Forge. With drip irrigation, Texas A&M researchers found yield increases of as much as 444 pounds per acre.